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Celebrating 10 Years of Boheme Tribal Belly Dance!

Long ago, in 2005, a boy began his Belly Dance Journey. After about a year of studies, he found his curiosity for the dance form growing, so he searched the internet for new instruction. Imagine his surprise when he came across a gal that he knew through old friends, who was performing and teaching belly dance in South Haven, Michigan. The two made seemingly platonic plans to meet and catch up over a bite to eat. One awkward sammich later, the two found that they had a certain chemistry and a great deal in common. Most relevant to this story, was their love for all things BELLY DANCE! It wasn't long before the two began performing together, with their first performance being at a sci fi convention (CONvergence) in Minneapolis in 2006. Within a year, they had a handful of dancers joining them in their adventures and found that they needed a professional name to represent the work that they were doing. And alas, the Kalamazoo based Boheme Tribal Belly Dance was born in November of 2007.

Fast forward, and ten years later, Boheme Tribal has performed throughout the U.S., founded the first school of Tribal Style belly dance in West Michigan, opened Caravan of Dreams World Dance Studio, and produced countless world class workshops and showcases, including twelve years of the popular Halloween themed Ooky Spooky belly dance festival. They've performed live with many popular bands, including Beats Antique, Red Sea Pedestrians, Carolyn Koebel & Igor Houwat, An-Dro, Wisaal, and Kitara. Boheme performs regularly at a wide array of venues, including music festivals, expos, conventions, libraries, schools, weddings, parties, restaurants... and of course, throughout our beloved belly dance community!

Looking back over the past decade, Sarah and Erik are ever grateful for every opportunity they've been given to lead a life of belly dance! They'd especially like to thank the belly dance community for all of the love, support, and inspiration they feel lucky partake in. And a deep moment of thanks to every student that has chosen to study with our school. It is an honor to be the bridge to such an amazing culture and lifestyle. Here's to at least a few more decades! <3

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