Belly Dance Scholarship


These are tough times we're living in! Financial stress and seasonal depression are very common, especially in Michigan, and *especially* in the winter! Belly dance really can cure the blues, but can be unaffordable for some. That's why we've set aside 1 belly dance scholarship per class, per eight-week session. We at Boheme Tribal Belly Dance believe in paying it forward... all of us at one time or another has been the lucky recipient of a helping hand. We don't want to see anyone lose out on the opportunity to build self esteem, make new friends and get into shape - especially due to being unemployed. 


If you are currently out of work or are just really hitting hard times, please email for a Scholarship Application. And don't worry, your privacy will certainly be respected.



Belly Dance Bartering


We've also set aside a few spots to barter for classes. Have no money, but lots of time? Are you

an amazing seamstress? Accounting skillz, visionary videographer, master massage therapist, or the 

best ticket taker ever? Even just distributing fliers or helping with light housekeeping  around the studio can be a *huge* help to us. Do you have a special skill that you'd like to trade for belly dance classes? Drop us a line and we can make this work for you.