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Sparkle Motion 


Kalamazoo, Michigan
March 14th & 15th, 2020



Saturday & Sunday:


Kalamazoo, MI 

All Saturday & Sunday workshops & Saturday show are held at this location.

Workshops with

Mardi Love


Saturday (Limit 50 students)

Early Bird ($85)

After Early Bird ($95)

10am - 12pm - Slowly......New Sentences
12pm - 1pm - Lunch on your own
1pm - 3pm - Rembetika... A Primer & Combinations Class

**Slowly......New Sentences**
2 hours - Beginning to Intermediate

Presenting a grouping of furling, rolling, sultry movements for the
slow dances. Why, it’s Mardi’s favorite thing to do. Long and drawn,
undulating and curving, movements will be drilled and executed in
beautiful progression.

**Rembetika...A Primer & Combinations Class**
2 hours - All Levels
Rembetika (rebetiko, rembetiko), often dubbed as the Greek blues,
is an amalgamation of Eastern Mediterranean musical styles.
Considered by many to have seen its heyday in the 1930s, the
music is representative of an urban marginalized culture and often
embodies themes of immigration, violence, addiction, love and
sorrow. This class includes a brief discussion of the genre and a
little dancin’ round to a few of Mardi’s favorites.

Sunday (Limit 50 students)

Early Bird ($85)

After Early Bird ($95)

10am - 2:30pm - **Latest Greatest, Mardi's Choice Choreography**
(with half hour break at noon)

**Latest Greatest, Mardi's Choice Choreography**
4 hours - All Levels
Just like it sounds, we're learning a new piece. Hooray! Movement will be
presented in sentences, thoroughly broken down and drilled, while
careful attention will be given to the hows and whys and the smaller
details in the dance. Side note: When I teach a choreography class,
it is my intention not to simply feed you a dance that you take home
and repeat on your stage (though that’s certainly one option), but
that you 1. may pick up a few movements/sentences of
movements/transitions that resonate with you, and 2. that you may
gain some insight as to how I like to build a dance; that is how I see
the music and illustrate it in movement.





9:30am - Registration Open
10am - 12pm - Slowly New Sentences

12pm - 1pm - Lunch on your own

1pm - 3pm - Rembetika


Saturday Showcase

7pm - Dancer's Call

7:30pm - Doors Open

8pm - Show Begins


9:30am - Registration Open
10am - 2:30pm - Latest Greatest, Mardi's Choice Choreography



To register, please send your total amount via Paypal to  Be sure to include your choice of workshops and your name. Only one name per registration please. No exchanges or refunds unless event is cancelled.

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Get ready to put some SPARKLE into your spring! This showcase will feature performances by Mardi Love, Boheme Tribal Belly Dance, and many of the midwest's belly dance best!  

Saturday, March 14th - Doors 7:30, Show 8pm

Tickets: $10 before March 1st, $12 after



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