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Boheme Tribal Belly Dance Class Policies



- If a class is missed, it can be made up during another class time of your level or below and it must be made up within the current six week session. Please notify instructor before dropping in.


- There are no refunds once the six week session begins. No exceptions.


- All checks returned for NSF will be charged a $45 fee.


- Drop ins are not allowed during performance level classes without prior approval of instructor.

- All performance level classes require a full 6-week registration. Paying by drop in is not allowed, as these classes require a commitment to a consistent attendance. 


- All students must be in attendance at the designated dress rehearsal in order to perform. No exceptions.

- Absolutely no use of alcohol or other intoxicants by our students is allowed at performances or during classes. This is a long-time rule with consideration of our professional reputation, respect for our craft, and commitment to each other. We know that everyone has different feelings and standards regarding this topic, but time has shown that a zero tolerance policy is the cleanest and clearest way to handle the issue.


- When canceling a private lesson, a 24 hour notice is required or the student is still responsible to pay the full fee.

- No solicitation of Boheme students is permitted, whether that be goods or services, free or otherwise, without permission of director. 


- If Kalamazoo and/or Portage schools are canceled, due to inclement weather, classes will be canceled.  


A  notice will be posted on our FaceBook page:  


Weather qualifies as "an act of god" and there will be no make up class or refunds. 


Please feel free to call Sarah at 269.391.0114 if you need to confirm cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel classes at our discretion.

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