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Black and White ATS American Tribal Style Belly Dance Boheme Tribal

Class Descriptions


Beginning Belly Dance  

This class focuses on beginning level Middle Eastern Dance from a Fusion Style perspective! Learn the subtle nuances between the various styles of belly dance as well as build a vocabulary of movement. We will focus on isolations, drills, basic traveling steps and simple choreography. Absolutely no dance experience needed! $20/drop in or $95/6 weeks



Skills and Drills and Zils (Oh my!) (Multi-Level) 

This class is perfect for the dancer that would like to add a little more to their weekly practice. The focus of this class will be to refine your technique and add some new moves to your repertoire.  Be prepared to sweat! For students that have  completed at least one eight week session of beginner level. Please bring a yoga mat and towel. And don't forget your zils!  

$20/drop in or $95/6 weeks


Shimmy Power Hour (Multi-Level)

Get ready to shake it! This hour of shimmy power will up your cardio and help you master the intricate art of the straight shimmy, Egyptian shimmy, freezes, the 3/4 shimmy, choo choo shimmies, traveling with shimmies and layering with shimmies (AND traveling and layering shimmies at the same time!), as well as straight and 3/4 shoulder shimmies! $20/drop in or $95/6 weeks


Transfusion Student Performance Troupe 

Want to take your dancing to the *next* level and share it with the public? Intermediate and advanced level students are encouraged to consider joining the Monday night Transfusion student troupe! Members of this troupe work toward performing together in Kalamazoo area events and opportunities. This class is a larger commitment than your average weekly class, in that there is an attendance requirement. Costume purchases are also required. 

(No drop in.) $95/6 weeks 


Boheme Blend ATS - Intro to Improv Style 

Improv Tribal Style is commonly referred to as "sign language for belly dancers".  Movements are based on FCBD, Gypsy Caravan, Unmata, Domba Black Sheep and other established styles, as well as some original  Boheme content. Students will learn a lexicon of ATS movement, including cues, transitions and basic group formations. Students will need to purchase zils (finger cymbals). (No drop in.) $95/6 weeks


Boheme Blend ATS - Advanced Improv Style  

Building on content learned in the "Intro" class, students will continue to add new movements, cues, transitions, and group formations. Students will need to bring zils each week. Performance opportunites available. (No drop in.) $95/6 weeks

Costume Clinic 
Are you working on putting together a costume for an upcoming
performance? Take an hour and a half to stitch n
bitch with your fellow dancers. Sarah will be leading a short
demonstration on a variety of techniques each week. She will
also be happy to consult with you on any questions or ideas
you might have a-bubbling. Student must provide all materials
and tools, though bits and baubles are always for sale at the

Belly Dance Conditioning (formerly, There is No Crying in
Belly Dance)

By nature, belly dance builds better flexibility, strength,
and body awareness. But what if we told you that you could up
your dance game with a program specifically designed to bring
oompf to your already existing practice? Every week, students
will target specific regions of the body to work towards
longer endurance, sustained shimmies, stronger and smoother
abdominal and pelvic work, and arm elevation for daaaays. (Ok,
maybe not daaaays!) Please bring your yoga mat, small towel or
yoga strap, and a bottle of water. This is an all level class. Be ready to sweat!    


Sword Club 
What is the quickest way to bring the belly dance badassery?
Well, dancing with a weapon, of course! This ongoing project
will teach belly dance sword technique, artistry, and
choreography. Students will work on arm and shoulder
conditioning as well. Future events include occasional
instruction by guest teachers, including utilizing various
combat styles in your dancing. It is not mandatory that
students own a sword right out of the gate, but you will want
to purchase one, I promise! If you are in need of a sword,
Sarah can suggest a great dance sword at a very affordable


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