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Sarah SK Belly Dancer with Turkish Persian Middle Eastern Oriental Rugs

Workshops with Sarah Schneider


***A Day of Foundational Belly Dance Movement*** 

(3 to 4 hrs)

Part 1: Hustle and Flow  

Have you always watched Fusion dancers and wondered how they achieve such clean and intricate technique? 

This workshop utilizes a series of drills and combos to unlock your ability to attain strong, smooth muscle work, as well as dynamic articulation throughout the body. Learn the basic nuances between muscular vs. skeletal movement. Discover the secrets of optical illusion and framing to create that sense of serpentine bonelessness!  Find your flow, smoothly transitioning between a variety of muscle groups!  This format can be applied to any style of belly dance and is accessible to all levels of study. No experience necessary!


Part 2: Level Up! Layers, Traveling Steps, and Finger Cymbals  

Once you have the building blocks from our Hustle and Flow workshop, let's kick it to the next episode!

Learn to belly dance multitask by adding traveling steps, layering, and finger cymbal work. We'll pay special focus to timing, including split time layers. By the time you are done with this workshop, patting your head and rubbing your belly will seem like child's play!

***Du Hast Skirt Choreography***

(3 to 4 hrs)

Boheme Belly Dance is known for infusing their performances with a sense of humor and playfulness. This choreography utilizes basic skirt technique and fun Balkan influenced combos to bring a smile to every face in the audience! This piece is set to a version of the 90's metal favorite, Du Hast, performed on accordians by Ukrainian coal miners!

Part 1: Skirt Technique and Combos
Students will learn combinations, including the Bohemian Shuffle and Coalminer's Daughter, as well as foundational skirt technique. A skirt is not required, but recommended to enjoy the full effect of this dance! 

Part 2: Begintermediate Choreography
Students will utilize the techniques learned in Part 1 of this
workshop series, learning an easy application of repetitive
combos that build into a simple version of this popular

***Improv Style Technique Choreography***

(3 to 4 hrs)

Have you ever watched and enjoyed an ATS performance, but were intimidated by the complex system of cues and vocabulary? Do you focus your studies in traditional forms of Middle Eastern dance, but are interested in understanding this modern take rooted in authentic belly dance? This 2-part workshop is a great way to get a taste of the culture of Improv Style without the commitment of taking weekly classes. This is a beginner to intermediate level workshop that can be adapted to challenge more experienced dancers.


Part 1: Boheme Blend ATS Technique
The Boheme Blend dialect is based in Fat Chance Belly Dance style, and blends influences from Sarah's modern and folkloric studies. Students will learn moves and progressions from the different families of vocabulary, including Egyptian, Shimmy, Pivot Bump, Arabic, and Spins & Turns.  

Part 2: Boheme Blend ATS Choreography
One of the main tenets of ATS is that it is based upon an improvisational format. However, Sarah has created an easy introduction to the lexicon of ATS movement and flow in this beginner level choreography. Students will utilize technique and vocabulary learned in Part 1 of this series in an upbeat, fun, and easy to learn piece!


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