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Sarah SK of Boheme Tribal Belly Dance in Assuit

Sarah Schneider


Sarah Schneider is the founder and director of the internationally recognized professional performance troupe Boheme Belly Dance. She is also director of two student level performance troupes, Transfusion and Boheme Blend Improv. Sarah has traveled extensively to study the art of Middle Eastern dance since 1995, with a special focus on Fusion style belly dance.

Sarah began teaching classes in 1997 and now teaches and performs throughout the U.S. She is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Sarah's students love her enthusiastic, patient style of instruction and celebrate the support of the community and sisterhood she works to achieve.

Sarah has built Boheme Belly Dance from the ground up and is well recognized for her skills in troupe leadership and community building. She also hosts several showcases and world class instructors per year and is the producer of the popular Halloween themed event, Ooky Spooky, which celebrated its 16th Anniversary in 2022!


Private Lessons 

Beginner through Professional Level Belly Dance

with Sarah Schneider

Lessons are available on Tuesdays at Jerico in Kalamazoo or lessons can be scheduled in a location of your choosing as well! (Travel and studio rental fees may apply.) 

Dance lessons are $35/hr.
Business consultations are $125/hr.

Private Lesson Options:
- Isolation and Proper Technique 
- Technique for the Male Belly Dancer 
- Turns & Traveling 
- Stage Presence 
- Props (veil, sword, cane, candles, vases/baskets, fan, fan veil, skirt, and more!)
- Zils/Sagat
- Costuming 
- Make up & Hair 
- Musicality and Music Theory 
- Pre-Photo Shoot Consultation
- Fusion Belly Dance History 
Bone up on a specific style of Belly Dance:
- Tribal Fusion 
- Improvised Style (Boheme Blend, ATS®, and more!)
- Goth/Steampunk/Punk Raqs 
- Fusion (Tribaret, Romani, Indian, and more!)
- Folkloric Fundamentals for Fusion Dancers 
- Raqs Sharqi Fundamentals for Fusion Dancers

Business Consultation Options:
- Teacher Training
- Choreography Creation and Consultation
- Troupe Leadership 
- Community & Sisterhood Building 
- Hosting Successful Events 
- Social Networking
- Marketing 


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